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You won't grow if you won't go...

Updated: Apr 19, 2022

For as long as I remember I have had a knack for people. Learning their thoughts, feelings and behaviors was. a natural curiosity for me, and that calling follows me all through life. It followed me in the jobs I have chosen, in the friends I chose, and definitely in the relationships or "projects" of mates I chose lol.

I have a gift that allows others the freedom to be themselves.

In my discovery of the human behavior, I have learned that most people will not exceed the company they keep. Proximity is either empowering or disempowering. If you find yourself being in the best position amongst your friends, may be time for new friends. I am not saying in no way that you should stop your previous friendships, but I am saying that you need to expand those you allow into your world.

Over my years of growth I have had to say goodbye to many people. Some naturally, but many because they did not, would not, or could not reach my level of growth and vibration. Some showed me jealousy, some showed me anger, some understood, and some I still love, just from afar. You are not meant to take everyone with you on your journey, and that is OK!

No matter how much I want to reach my hand down to save others from their circumstances and themselves, I cannot do it for everyone. Some are only holding their hands up to pull you down with them.

I'm not kidding when I say I want to save the world, but I must start by saving and protecting myself from others.

I said all that to highlight how proximity is a power that we too often don't pay attention to or understand. When you spend ample enough time with other humans, you naturally adapt their thought patterns, behaviors, and feelings. This is scientifically proven. So you will NEVER be able to truly grow until you cut ties from whatever connection or environment that is not in alignment to your true desires.

Don't worry, some people leave on their own, making it easier to severe the connection. The ones you have to cut off can be difficult, but the reward much greater. When you think of those you spend the most time with, do you want to think like them? Live like them? Do you only hang around them because you are doing better and they validate your level of success?

I find myself wanting more in my life at this current moment. This shift I am making is causing me to ponder over my current circumstances and relationships. I want to be around those that want to grow as I grow. I want those around me that are intentional and have serious goals for their future. I want peaceful people that understand how to be accountable and take their power back. I need MORE from not only others but ME.

Knowing this is not that easy for me, though I have been here before. I don't want to leave anyone behind. I want to take everyone with me, but I am aware enough to know that sooner than later, I may have to severe even more ties to my already small circle to make room for the people that the universe will send to help me get to the next level. I know that others will be upset with me and my level of success because they felt I "left" them. Shoot, some people are already mad at me about it. But I cannot and will not stop. This is my destiny.

I affirm that. I am ready for my next level, with or without any person in my life. I want to grow and I deserve that. So this message is to anyone out there that really wants to grow.

You won't grow unless you go...

If you are ready for the glow up that happens once you break free of the reigns of proximity, then take that leap along with me. Book your first session FREE and let's discover how to manifest that life you want that will attract the people you NEED in your life to get you to the next level. Why not make me the first one?

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