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Why I can't manifest?

When I mention the process of manifestation, many ask me why they can't go from 0-100 real quick in real life. The answer is simple, manifestation is not some magic trick. It requires work seen and unseen.

Manifestation isn't about wanting, wishing, or hoping. It isn't JUST about positive thoughts. It's about getting clear on who you are, your self imposed limitations, and working to eliminate those thoughts, feelings, and behaviors that set you back.

Your subconscious mind is the most powerful part of your brain. It works to protect you and send out energy signals to the universe to deliver what you emit. When you have a fear or aversion, your mind cannot note if it is "good" or "bad", it only knows from memory that you don't like it, so it makes you do everything you can to repel it.

Many times we blame our circumstances as to why we cannot be successful, but that is not the case. Just because you want to be successful is not enough, you have to find out what inside of you is blocking that success.

The best way to find out those limiting beliefs is through deep introspection. Constant questioning and analyzation will help lead you to those answers. Inner work is key.

This can happen due to a mixture of journaling, therapy, meditation, energy working, and other methods of going within.

For a look at the innerwork you can perform to begin the process of healing to manifest, check out the manifestation e-journal "Manifest Your Dreams"

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