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Your Vulnerability Is Your Superpower

Girl, I know! Vulnerability is scary. No one wants to show their true feelings in fear of it being used against you, but I'm here to tell you that energy is your superpower.

When you release the fear of being your authentic self, you begin to excel to new heights. Vulnerability allows clarity. You become more clear about who you are, what you desire, and the people around you that you want to keep around.

Vulnerability removes a mask. That mask you where that is only on to people please and put up a pretense that your life is a certain way that it really is not has to be removed so you can attract what you want in life.

People also are attracted to what is real, and that is exactly what vulnerability is: REALNESS.

I have typically been the type to wear my heart on my sleeve in some instances, but in most I failed to state how I really felt. I was afraid of the reactions I would receive. Will my truth make others angry? Will they not like me? Will they think I am weak?

Now, I no longer care about the reactions of others, I care about ME. Keeping all of those feelings in had me not receiving what I wanted and kept me depressed and feeling lonely.

Because I never knew if people really liked me because I was being fake. I was doing things to make them comfortable while facilitating my own discomfort.

What we think vulnerability does makes the opposite happen. Being vulnerable attracts the people that really want YOU. It is a release of things that don't serve you.

It makes others comfortable to be themselves around you. Vulnerability is KEY.

So the next time you are in a situation that makes you feel vulnerable, dive into it. You will not regret it no matter the reaction because it will reveal necessary information about others and yourself.

Vulnerability in your business will translate to loyal consumers that can build trust with you. They can see themselves in you and want to support. vulnerable marketing is why people like Oprah, Viola Davis, and Stormy Washington go on to make millions because their story inspires. Their tears build strength. BE YOURSELF ALWAYS. 💕

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