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You try too hard and that is why you fail...

That title catch your eye? Did you read it and think, "but that's how you succeed, by trying" or something along those lines?

I'm sorry to say but trying or efforting is a major reason for your lack of success.

Trying is not good enough because it simply means you are not DOING.

We all try.

How many people you know are trying to change their life or trying to make some money?

How many people you know that work so hard and put forth so much effort only to have no to little results?

Maybe it is even you.

Success is not some secret formula. The creator literally made you to succeed with an internal mechanism that allows you to perform as a robot would.

We learn the best from our failures and mistakes.

The issues we have with achieving success is due to the conditioning of society making us believe that failure means we are inadequate.

Due to this conditioning, every time we make a mistake, we have been taught to demean or second-guess ourselves.

I'm here to tell you that this is not our inherent nature.

If we were never taught to believe our mistakes make us inferior, we would move through them more quickly and learn from them more effectively.

Yet, due to what society has taught us, we internalize our mistakes and turn them into fears.

The stories we tell ourselves surrounding our mistakes is what ultimately holds us back.

We become afraid to set goals and make the moves to accomplish them because we don't want to fail.

We don't want to feel the emotions that come along with that occurrence.

So even when we try our best, we may never feel it is good enough because our conditioning has led us to believe that it's no use when we will possibly fail anyway.


Failure is only permanent when you STOP.

So stop TRYING and just DO.

When I look at animals, I have a sense of envy.

You will never see a squirrel lose motivation to collect nuts or a lion decide to stop hunting because it couldn't catch a gazelle.

Animals keep doing what they need to survive and progress no matter what, and we have that instilled in us from the creator PLUS a heightened sense of consciousness that other animals may not have.

This is our gift.

When you begin to look at success as a natural thing and stop allowing the mistakes you make along the way to deter or stop you, it becomes that much more easier to grasp.

The efforting we do, aka the actions we perform that's out of alignment or that we don't truly believe in, does not work because it does not come from a place of enjoyment or peace.

That is why we fail.

I encourage you to look at your goals as a birthright.

You are made to accomplish them naturally.

Don't allow anything to stop you, but most of all don't allow your mistakes to cloud your true abilities.

When you learned to tie your shoe or ride your bike, you didn't stop because you didn't get it right on the first try.

So why do you stop yourself when you make a mistake?

It is what we believe that will either empower or disempower us.

If this message resonates and you'd lie an opportunity to know what exactly your internal blockages are and how to build the tools to combat them, book your free Strategy

session with me so that you can walk away with a solid game-plan for you life as well as a better mindset on how to achieve your goals.

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