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Why we should stan Lori Harvey…

You know, I don’t get into celebrity stuff too much because really they are humans minding their business, and I like to stay out of people’s business, especially giving them opinions when they did not ask me.

But… I had to chime in a bit about how Lori really is shifting paradigms. Especially for Black women.

Say what you want about it, but I fully recommend a woman actively dating, and leaving men when they no longer positively serve you.

I don’t care if it makes her look “loose” or whatever slut shamy name you can come up with in the book; the only difference between her and most women, is it’s documented who she is dating.

Many of us have dated or even slept around.

Unless you married young and never got a divorce, maybe kept your virginity or had a few partners before you married, you are just like Lori.

And if we are really honest, many women that married young WISH they could have possibly dated around or experienced more men in the way that Lori does. 🤷🏽‍♀️

Ponder on all the times you have said “yes”

to men thinking him or what he is offering the best you can get.

Saying “yes“ knowing how incompatible you were together.

And as Black Women we are told to conform a lot.

Constantly told to accept the bare minimum of men.

Always leading with “at least he…”

Why should we or do we take the LEAST?

We don’t know Michael B Jordan or Lori, but we do know and could tell they felt deeply for the other.

I do know that even if he were the perfect man, women still have the right to say no to what we don’t want, Black Women especially.

We do not know why she said no, and honestly it’s not our business.

But what should be celebrated is the fact that she exercised her right when so many of us get stuck with a man because society told us so.

A man being perfect on paper does not make him perfect FOR YOU!

I encourage Black Women to actively date.

Understand that you get to choose, so you don’t have to feel obligated to choose back the first guy that likes you!

Dating is a process and with processes come some eliminations.

You should take your time...

Lori may never marry, and that’s OK too.

Who says that we have to marry?

Can‘t a woman still have a fulfilling life without a man present?

If you are a woman reading this, thinking your life is not fulfilled without a man, I encourage you to begin to take the power of your happiness and life back from that mindset.

You do not need a man to be happy.

There is no wrong in wanting marriage or companionship, it is human, but to feel a NEED for a man to be present to feel fulfilled is a fallacy.

And typically women who feel that way attract the wrong kind of men because they can feel your desperate energy and take advantage of you.

Once you master you, your own happiness, and can manifest the desires within yourself that mirror what you want in a partner, it will be easier to navigate through men until you find that best match for you.

I help Black Women master their mindsets so that they can manifest anything they want from a man to money.

I can help you to get out of your own way and forge your path to a life full of love with a great partner that accepts the authentic you.

I can help you build that life and empire of your dreams so you can leave a legacy behind to either your children or just having your name be in history books.

I strive to help Black Women build their impact, influence, and income so they can have power over their world.

If this sounds like you, and you’re ready to manifest that partner, career, and lifestyle you desire, hop on a free call with me where we can create a game plan for you by the end of the call that will jump start you manifesting that dream life.

the link will lead you to a small questionnaire and calendar to set an appointment with me.

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