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What does it mean to be "in alignment"?

I get asked this question a lot. What does alignment even mean? How does it relate to self? Success? Well this is my own personal opinion, and alignment simply means the universe being on your side to complete a goal(s). It means, as soon as you make an intention, commit, work towards it, that opportunities pop up for you like magic! Being in alignment just means you are in the perfect timing and space to accomplish what you seek to.

When I am in alignment, I am focused. I know what I want and I know at least the first few steps to begin getting it. You do not need to know ALL the details about starting that business, taking that vacation, or even dating someone; it's sometimes best to learn some things along the way. Because, let's be real, you'll NEVER know everything anyway. The first, most important step is to know what you want!

Knowing exactly what you want sends a signal first to you and then to the universe to begin manifesting that desire for you in the physical. This is why our thoughts should not be taken very lightly. What you think is crucial to all the things you want in life because, according to law of attraction and many other old adages about manifesting, your thoughts send out signals to the nonphysical planes and that energy is transformed and reflected back to you to create physical results. When you are in alignment, there is very little doubt about what it is you want to accomplish; your thoughts empower you and your desires!

Outside of thoughts, being in alignment means you gain more and more fulfillment the closer you get to achieving your goals. For example, have you ever set a goal that you fully believed you could achieve and all of a sudden you start getting opportunities in that area or start getting help that you never even expected? THAT is being in alignment. Nothing will come easy, but when you are in alignment, it will seem like it is. The universe will feel like it is opening every door you come across without you even knocking! Sometimes being in alignment is just you being the right person, in the right space, at the right moment.

When you are not in alignment, nothing seems to work out no matter how positive you seem to be. The universe is creating several obstacles, because it is trying to tell you in it's most subtle way that you are not in alignment. What you are doing will cause more consequence than benefit. it is important that we recognize this and listen. Example, you want to take a vacation somewhere, but every time you attempt to go, something gets in the way that you cannot get around. Later, you find out that the day you wanted to go, something catastrophic happens. This is why we must be able to discern what it means to be in alignment. Now don't get me wrong, difficult times happen even when you are in alignment, but it will likely not be issues you cannot work around, nor will they typically be the SAME issues repetitively. that is the difference in being in alignment or not.

Personal Story:

I know I am in alignment fully. I set out this year wanting to expand. Expand who I was, my businesses, my relationships, and as soon as I set the intention, it was like the universe just provided everything I needed. From then, I was granted money, opportunities, messages from the universe, and I listened. And since then, I have become more motivated, more intentional, more disciplined, and I have improved so much with my thoughts and emotional fortitude. I have received so much knowledge and help. The universe heard me because I am in alignment. I am doing what I am destined to do.

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