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Quarantine chronicles: Why productivity is key

I know, I know, this shit is absolutely crazy! We could never imagine a world where we are forced to be apart, in our homes, uncertain about a lot of things. Businesses closing, kids out of school, a complete lack of direction. In January, if you would have told me things would be like this, I'm sure I would have ignored you. But they are, and we all are making significant adjustments in this time, even though it sucks

I began this year with so much vigor and focus. I knew this would be a break out year for me. I had too many goals I was absolutely ecstatic and damn near obsessed about completing. I began the year making steps to completely knock all my goals down, and literally NOTHING got in my way. Shit...corona still is NOT in my way. I invite some of you to feel the same. Nothing has stopped you, BUT YOU.

It has been a lot of debate on social media aboutbeing productive in this time. Messages stating why their should be compassion for those who have decided to take it easy during this down time. I understand the need for rest. I understand how important it is to take time for yourself, even if it is to do nothing. I AM THE EX-QUEEN OF PROCRASTINATION, but lets take a step back to analyze why the message of unproductivity is not the message we should send.

So lets first consider the situations, and practice discernment when you hear messages like "You should come out of quarantine with a new skill." Of course this general message should apply to those that can receive it, however I can speak for myself and others around me who say this, that it definitely is not geared to those struggling in this time. THE AUDIENCE OF THIS MESSAGE IS NOT THOSE STUCK HOME IN ABUSIVE SITUATIONS, THOSE WHO ARE ILL, OR THOSE WHO JUST CANNOT MENTALLY TAKE ON THE TASK OF A NEW SKILL OR BEING PRODUCTIVE. The message is definitely intended for those who know where their next meals are coming, who has a stable environment around them, and who have the time and resources.

I see a lot of excuses, the most common being that people who already work hard, should be able to rest in this time.
Again, rest is important, but you think 2 months of rest is good for someone who already works hard for another person's company?! Use this time for yourself!

This message, in my perspective gives those that are able, a great excuse to not expand when they have the time and resources to do so. We complain about working for others, our day-to-day routine, not having time to work on the things that we genuinely like because we devote that time to something other than ourselves. But now, when the time has been granted to us, many decide to not step up. Instead, people are using this time to continually build a monument of excuses as to why they never became or did that thing they swear they would become.

I know this may be hard for some to hear or grasp, simply because you may be a victim to lack of motivation, procrastination, or just plain ole laziness. See, we trick ourselves into believing our excuses are valid to give ourselves something to hold onto when we fail...but lets be accountable, shall we?

Many of us are not where we want to be in life, so I want to challenge those of you who are able to do something to improve your state of being in this time. Productivity leads to fulfillment!

Everyone that has set out to accomplish something, big or small, and did it can rightfully say that it boosted self confidence and happiness. Creating and producing is what helps humans to be happy and fulfilled. Think of your happiest moments. Don't hey often stem from an accolade, or an adverse situation you overcame? HAPPINESS COMES FROM PRODUCTIVITY.

In conclusion, you should be using this time to reflect, heal, create, AND rest. No one is wrong in telling others to be productive, just like no one is wrong to tell you to the rest. BOTH ARE POSSIBLE

Even if you are laid off, struggling mentally or emotionally, your actions are the only thing that can determine your state of being. IT IS YOUR LIFE, BE ACCOUNTABLE FOR IT. Here are some things to help you be more productive in this time.

  • Create smart goals

  • Research something new

  • Start a blog

  • Start a business

  • Begin journaling

  • Begin drawing/or painting

  • Get on youtube to learn something you always wanted

  • Build a garden

  • Start that online course

  • Create a new resume

  • Read a book

  • Create a novel

  • Create a poem

  • Meditate

  • Create daily to-do lists

  • Try a new diet or recipe

  • write a letter to yourself or whomever

Don't allow the messages to deter you in anyway, whether you need rest or to work. But just know that life improvement takes time that we finally have, attention you must be willing to give, and patience you must be willing to grow.

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