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"Life doesn't give you what you want, It gives you what you deserve"

I used to hear that quote and not understand what it meant. "Why wouldn't life give me what I wanted?" I thought. I thought that my existence warranted me access to whatever I wanted, or at least that's what my family typically led me to believe. I couldn't understand the depth of that statement. I truly believed I was able to get what I wanted, and truth is that I was able. I just didn't understand that wanting something was not enough. I had to be the person that DESERVED it.

Wanting or desiring something does not take much effort or energy. Many of us want things, people, or situations in our lives, so desire is an easy emotion, an easy feat. The hardest part of desiring something is taking the action steps to achieve or earn it. That is what switches a desire into a goal and a goal into a manifestation: ACTION.

You can visualize, dream, and think up any goal you want fulfilled but that mental work will amount to nothing if the work and effort is not done to see it through. Your goals, your desires require commitment. They don't JUST require positive thought, affirmations, and visualizations, it requires YOU getting up and creating those results. If only we could think of something and it happen ALL THE TIME, how amazing that would be? But, as humans we have to think it, believe it, commit to it, and POOF it appears. That is the magic.

I honestly prefer it that way. Of course there have been times I thought up a person or event and it has happened without effort on my part, but those occasions are more rare than me accomplishing a goal with effort. I don't think I would appreciate my successes or other things I have attained if I had not worked for them. The work I do to complete the goal, the journey to the goal itself, is almost, if not more, as fulfilling as completing the goal itself. Because, while we work on our goals, we almost never noticed how we are simultaneously becoming stronger, more motivated, and more elevated people; we become the person that DESERVES what we seek.

Now that I am older, I get the statement "life doesn't give you what you want, it gives you what you deserve." I understand that means I have to BECOME the person that deserves what I want! I must think I deserve, I must feel I deserve, I must act as if I deserve...and only then will my dreams, my goals, my desires become obtainable. So, life does give you what you want, when you become the person that deserves it.

Sincerely, Jay Lovelii 💕

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