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Listed below is 10 reasons people think quitting is better than failing. Use this list as a guide to discover are you a quitter, or do you turn your failures into learning lessons?

  1. Listening to negative influences. A lot of people allow what others say or think to dictate how they move. If what someone is doing or want to do is met with skepticism from loved ones, it makes it easy for them to say "they are right" and ultimately give up on what may be their dreams or big break. When others are negative or unsupportive, we cannot change that. We can only show them, and with less talking. If you experience negative dream killers, limit communication with those negative influences about your career or business. Listening to others who lack the expertise will cause you to lose every time. Be mindful of whose advice you take.

  2. Not clearly understanding goals and how they relate to specific desires. Not being clear on goals and desires and life can cause us to get off path and be lead to a destination of confusion. We must become clear of everything we want out of life, others, and ourselves. Once that is done, goal setting becomes easier to do. Outside of the goal setting, we become clear on who we are and who we must become to accomplish our life dreams. Self awareness is what brings forth the winners in life.

  3. Not being FULLY committed. Commitment is one of the hardest feats of a human. It becomes easy to not put full effort into the outcome of something when there is not a great purpose around the event. The first step into becoming committed is understanding why it is worth it to be committed. Is the potential outcome worth ALL of your efforts? Is it smart to put so much energy into this desire? Lastly, make sure you know fully what is in it for you? If all the answers are favorable, you must constantly remind yourself of them in the times where you procrastinate, want to give up, or become lazy. To commit, means to see it through, no matter what.

  4. Not taking advantage of available resources. Our most valuable resource is time, next is information, last is money. When you have spare time, I believe you are wasting it if most of it is given to entertainment. MOST of your spare time, in my opinion, should only be used for progression or rest. When you find free time, why is it not devoted to more education and information? The internet has allowed more information than we can imagine to be at our fingertips. I spend EVERYDAY, learning, reading, or trying something new. Because I know that learning a little about a lot will take me a long way in life. Information and knowledge is POWER. The more you know, the more you grow. The internet also gives us access to others who have done what we are trying to do before us. I have been fortunate enough to learn the key to networking and it is persistence and personality. Do not be afraid to approach others for their knowledge, many do not mind sharing some of what they know. Lastly, do not be afraid to INVEST in the knowledge from others. If a millionaire offers you advice on how to make and maintain millions, is it not worth it to you to pay a fee for that info that could change your life? If the answer is no, then good luck. I don't know if that type of success is for you.

  5. Being too arrogant. The biggest failures I personally know in life always think they know it all. They have ALL the answers, and most of them are cynical or haughty. If you cannot be a good teacher, you cannot lead yourself to success. The most successful people are those that are willing to learn from others. When you think you know it all, you will never go out to find what it is you DON'T know that is holding you back. I can remember thinking I was done with learning. I, a personal development coach myself, tooted my nose up at mentorship for a good year in 2020. I thought I really had it figured out, until last year, I knew I needed a guide to become bigger than I currently was. I began to invest in not only my education, but mentorship to be held accountable AND to learn what I DON'T know.

  6. Overthinking or being too cynical. Many of us allow the negative thoughts of loved ones and society to invade our minds when we want to accomplish something big. Many of the doubts we feel, we learned from others. Knowing this, we can UNLEARN and RELEARN better principles to replace the negative ones. When we say "I can't" or provide ourselves with excuses why we don't have success, it is no one but US placing that limitation on us. Even if others tell you you can't, it is not your job to believe it. They have no control over you, unless you let them. I encourage you to understand that you are bigger than those doubts from yourself or others. Rise up above the negativity and choose to ignore it and succeed anyway.

  7. Not understanding the bigger picture. We must learn to practice patience with ourselves. Many of us have set big goals for our lives, and those goals can feel overwhelming. But what many of us do not realize is that the smaller steps to complete our goals are just as important as the goal itself. It is the smaller steps that complete the bigger picture. Imagine a 1000 piece puzzle. Every piece is important to the total picture. If even one piece is missing, it is noticeable. Don't lose site of the bigger picture because you aren't patient enough to complete the small steps.

  8. Not making the process more simple. When you begin to work on your goals, you must have a system or process in place. You must know what you are doing, why you are doing it and how to do it (or at least be working to discover these things.) The simplest thing to do is copy someone else. When something is working for others, it is up to us to discover what that is and transform it into our own. You don't have to start by reinventing to wheel, just customize it to you. We tend to overcomplicate things, because our minds like to make messes first. Don't allow that. Instead of thinking of all the things you don't know how to do, focus on what you do know how to do, and learn the rest along the way. I promise you can do it, many have and do.

  9. Not understanding team/relationship building. Despite what you may have heard or believe, it is hard to become successful without others. You must have a team/ community that is willing to back you up when necessary. It is important to have others around you that are more successful and/or motivated to help you see your dream through. In all of my careers, I did the best in environments that were team oriented. Feeling a sense of belonging is important, because often the road to success can be challenging and lonely. Having others around that know and love you is pivotal. Ultimately, your community can become your movement. Never underestimate the power of teams.

  10. Losing sight of their dream. I left the best for last because it is a common tale for the awesome housewife/mother or the father who did not have the motivation. I see and hear too often on how some people in their older age had dreams of being bigger than they became. It is too often we get swept up in the duties of life that we ultimately give up on ourselves. We give ourselves the backseat while others drive us in our car of life. I think that is the most disappointing to me. It is important to commit to ourselves and see our dreams through, because when we don't, we become shells of ourselves constantly wondering "what if?" Do not give up on your dreams NO MATTER WHAT!

In Closing, success can only be defined by the person who is achieving it, but I can guarantee if you are working for yourself or going after a dream career, it will be some difficulties along the way. There will be doubts and possibly naysayers, but the difference between someone who fails or quits is nothing but terminology. Failures are those who give up. Most of us fail, some of us never try again, some of us win, and some of us learn never to lose again. A winner is just a failure that tried again. You get to choose.

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