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What I learned from the death of Kevin Samuels...

I typically do not and will not indulge much in celebrity/influencer gossip because that's not my interest, but the hearing of this death was something I could not ignore. On May 6, 2022, influencer Kevin Samuels suddenly passed and the social media world turned into an uproar. Kevin was a self proclaimed "relationship guru". He was well-known for going live on Instagram and inviting women on to grant them advice. Many of his most popular moments were the not so graceful times he would tell women his opinions on their standards, looks and overall value. He coined the term "High-value man or woman" in many of his statements.

He caused a lot of controversy within his messages; some would call him "mean' and a 'bully" because his delivery could be perceived as harsh. I personally did not watch much of his content, but heard of him from others, mostly bad things. I can remember many complaining that he attacked Black Women, and I did get curious so I followed his page on IG. He had a question that asked "Do men or women settle more?" and I commented men. Boy oh boy...the attacks ensued from nothing but men. I couldn't understand how my literal one word response "men" sent his minions in an uproar, but I was instantly torn apart lol.

I watched these men unravel on my comment, because I dare thought they settle more than women do. Not sure what was so offensive, but I just observed and laughed simply because I can tell when others are unhinged, so I let them remain. I learned from that day, that his message does not promote growth and wellness. I could tell this by the amount of backlash women were getting in the comments from men. I saw virtually no women arguing with the men on their comments. I knew without ever watching his full content, that I would not and could not support Kevin and his message.

Don't get me wrong though, some things he said were true to the ways of the world but his delivery was almost always from a place of disdain instead of love and empowerment. Anger, dislike, hate does not change people for the better. It controls them from a place of fear. I personally would never wish death on others that I don't know. Kevin has done no harm to me DIRECTLY, but his message did cause more harm than many would probably realize. If there are more rejoicing your death than sad that they will miss you, then you did NOT positively impact the world.

The way he died single and alone, no children, no one to confirm his death for 24 hours is not ideal. To die and not be honored is not ideal. And it made me question if so many people hated him that they wished death upon him by the masses and it worked? When you are causing harm to others even from a safe space like the internet, you are still opening yourself up to be susceptible to the energy of others. I don't think Kevin was a bad guy, I just think he was hurt and not fully connected to his heart space.

He had the chance to grow really big and to help others in a positive way. He could have decided to lead with love instead of disdain so that he could truly empower others. But instead, it seems he fed into the trolls and woman-hating men of the world. Many of his sentiments validated old, sexist views men had all the while, not speaking as much about men as he should or could have to make them as self aware as he claims with the ladies.

I said all of this to say, be careful with the mark you leave on others. The world will only revere you if you are authentic and coming from a place of love. When I die, I pray there are more happy stories than hateful ones. Kevin's death taught me to make sure I am always leading from an authentic place of love.

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