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Toxic Positivity: The harmful effects of being positive all of the time

Don't read the title and get into a fit. There will be some of you that think this means to NEVER be positive, and because I know the extremes of the human mind when met with a challenge or idea that debunks what they have learned, I want to disclaim that positivity WORKS and is necessary. However, being positive ALL OF THE TIME, is more detrimental that beneficial.

Life is all about ups and downs. We will never be in a constant state of any emotion. We will feel sadness, anger, regret, resentment, and other lower vibrational emotions in some way or form and in some time or another. The issue with toxic positivity is that it teaches you to become averse to the negative emotions that are natural to us.

We MUST feel all of our feelings; they are a huge tool in our growth. Being positive all of the time is a cop out to doing the real work it takes to heal. The real work comes from the lower vibrational emotions.

Every emotion we feel is one that originated within us prior to the event that has triggered it. Anytime we feel anger or sadness, it is because something occurred that made us associate this event to the initial time we ever felt that feeling before.

This is why it is important to discover the source of our angst, so that it can be recognized and combatted in a positive, yet effective way.

Using meditation and positive affirmations are some great tools but they are only as effective as the person that uses them.

Just because you have a hammer and a tool belt wont make you a carpenter will it? The same concept can be applied with these same tools that many tell others to use to heal.

Many people are not meditating properly and effectively, and many people are saying the same affirmations daily hoping for change but they don't even truly believe what they are affirming. or, they get impatient that the change isn't what they expect or coming fast enough. This is all the results of toxic positivity.

Shadow work; an important aspect to spiritual healing, is going within to those dark spaces of guilt, hatred, anger, shame, and other lower emotional states to discover the source of those feelings and how they shape the current state of our lives.

This work it what releases us from the bondage of negative patterns of behavior. It tells us the source of our deeper issues and what is blocking us from manifesting a life of greatness.

The fear, the limiting beliefs, and the doubts, they are all a symptom of certain occurrences in our life that led us to associate these thoughts and feelings to daily actions that do not align or serve us positively.

And to try to discover and properly navigate them can be extremely difficult to do CORRECTLY alone and without guidance.

When you are thinking that you can fight your negative belief patterns by simply being positive, you are doing a true disservice to yourself. You have to know the source of those thoughts and fight them on a subconscious level, and that comes with more than just positive thoughts.

If positive thoughts were all it took, then why is that so many people are still suffering or not where they want to be yet? It is because they are not unlearning what they need in order to create a new internal environment or circumstance.

If you find yourself being toxic in your positivity, self-check.

Why are you afraid to feel those negative emotions?

Can you really heal them if you never give yourself a chance to feel them?

Do the emotion that comes up get worse with each time?

It is time to let go of constantly being positive and do the real work. The world is about yin and yang, duality and it is more serving to us to embrace all parts of ourselves to learn to grow.

If you are interested in being guided through what has you blocked mentally, emotionally and spiritually, take the time to schedule a free session with me today. In this session,, I will be able to tell you what you need to do to remove these blockages so you can build more confidence and come out with goals and a game plan to start manifesting that dream life.

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