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The authentic YOU

Updated: Jun 10, 2022

We often are unaware how much the pressures of society and the mundane day-to-day routine of our lives can drown the real us. Even now, some days I get so overwhelmed and wrapped up into work, the things I want to do, and the way I want to be that I forget to enjoy the moments in between.

I used to be someone who cared deeply what others felt about me. I denied it, made it seem as though I didn't, but I did. And ultimately that care led me to be and do things for others that did not match my own true desires. I used to be extremely aware of myself, but that didn't stop me from following an image society and others set for me. This led me to believe, as a woman, A BLACK ONE, that my value was rooted in what men thought of me. I also wanted to be the acceptable black girl around my non-black coworkers and customers. (I worked in sales).

Working in sales showed me that it did not matter who I tried to appeal to, I'd always lose unless I was being myself.


How to be yourself?

The pressing question is how to be yourself? How do you get to know yourself outside of the labels and expectations of society? This process is individual but the main thing that aids in knowing yourself is solitude and idle time. I know, I know...IDLE time? How the hell can anyone be idle with bills and etc.? Easy..MAKE THE TIME TO BE YOU. Even setting aside 15-30 minutes a day to journal your thoughts and goals, to spend time on your interests, to just BREATH, all these things can make a huge difference in your journey to self-discovery.

I spent the year of 2016 in the most solitude I could have possibly. I was not working. I was celibate and not dating and that year I birthed a catalyst to the pathway of my life's purpose. I spent so much time enjoying myself, something many of us seem to lack today. After that year, I set foot into a career that matched my core values and desires as a person.


As a life coach, allow my guidance and experience to help people become the best version of themselves. I was put here to bring out the best in others. To love them even when loving themselves seems like a painful and deplorable task. I am here to bring out the best and worst in others. I only bring out the worst for awareness of the spots in their lives that need to be cleansed. This is how to release the best, you must first release the worst. I am always learning and growing with those that come to me for aid. That is the real ME.

Ready to change your life so that you can build that desired impact, influence and income? I am ready to help jumpstart your path to greatness! Click below to schedule your free strategy session and come up with a plan for your life with no strings attached!

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