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So, I have been asked this a few times over the years of what I deem the difference between prayer and manifestation. I can give a real definition from the dictionary which gives the meaning " to demonstrate" or " clear or obvious to the eye" for manifest. To pray is defined as "address a solemn request or expression of thanks to a deity or other object of worship." Though these are the formal definitions, they are not as cut in dry in the spiritual world.

Prayer, in my opinion is just as important as the act of manifestation, because manifestation only occurs in a state of gratitude or praise. Prayer is the request/thankfulness of the act and manifestation is the act itself. I find too many of us do one or the other, but not both of them effectively. Prayer takes place when we can connect spirtuality to ourselves or God and can be in a state of receiving.

Manifestation is not some magic trick. You cannot snap your fingers and your desires appear.

In order to manifest, you must believe your prayers are coming to you and that you have the capacity to make opportunites appear for yourself that lead up to your prayers being answered. In other words, you are doing the work! "Faith without work is dead." You must have both the faith and the work to see a manifestation come to life. It is the act of demonstrating, have to get up and make it happen despite just praying.

If you are praying but not believing in your heart of hearts and the depths of your mind that it can happen for you, if you do not feel worthy, you are doing yourself a disservice. Being grateful shows god/the universe you believe they are there for you. You are in a high enough vibration to attract your desires.

Everything is energy, and the best things in life come from the highest vibration of that energy. Belief is very strong, but gratitude even stronger. Both are important for manifestation.


I also get this question a lot. Meditation is an extension of prayer. It is more important, in my opinion, to the act of manifestation. Manifestation requires deep thought to attract your desires. You can not full do that in prayer mode, it is more effective when you are in a thoughtful state to visualize what you are praying for.

There is so much that goes into this act that I wish I had the time in my blogs to share all the details. I can tell and share more coming up in my course releasing later this year! look out for more information!

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