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Life Coaching Q & A

Updated: Jun 10, 2022

Hello, viewers! Thank you for taking the time out your day to visit my site and read my personal thoughts as a life coach. I find that most people, especially those of color, tend to sway against counseling or anything that is invasive to their lives. Allowing someone, a complete stranger, to peer in and criticize your life can be extremely difficult. However, I see that a lot of people are very misinformed about what life coaching is and how it works. So I created a Q & A to answer the most common questions asked about life coaching. If there are any other questions, don't hesitate to comment or contact me for a free consultation or more information about life coaching.

Q: What is life coaching?

A: Life coaching helps to bridge the gap between a person's dreams and reality. It is a process that focuses on the discovery of your goals. It is a holistic approach that involves planning and action to improve several areas within your life.

Q: What does a life coach do?

A: A life coach provides guidance for others to resolve confusion, allay self-doubt, make decisions and pave the path towards the realization of their dreams and goals. A life coach aids you in properly navigating your relationships with others as well as yourself. The coach will help you examine different thoughts within your psyche. This will help you to analyze what is important to them to clarify and eliminate any boundaries towards success.

Q:What methods are used during life coaching?

A: every coach will take a different approach with different people. There are also different coaches categorized based on needs. However, the goal of every coach is create self-awareness in our clients to make the best decisions towards a more positive life. It is the coach's job to discover the goals, values and visions the clients have and use probing questions and problem-solving methods to eliminate any barriers towards a more structured and fulfilled life.

Q: What are the benefits of life coaching?

A: The client will have a constant presence of motivation from the life coach. the life coach provides the client with an unbiased approach to any problem areas in their life. The client will benefit by changing some of their though patterns that hinder them from success in certain areas of their lives.

MY FAVORITE QUESTION YET: Is life coaching therapy? Can it replace therapy?

A: Life coaching can be therapeutic, but it is NOT therapy. Most life coaches would NEVER suggest a client to replace therapy with life coaching. Life coaching focuses on progression and the future. Therapy offers treatment and diagnosis for mental issues. Therapy is there to dissect the deep rooted reasoning behind certain, repetitive behaviors. Life coaching provides clients with emotional support and the tools to make the best choices. If anything, a life coach will suggest therapy and life coaching together.

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