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Updated: Jun 9, 2022

The reason so many people suffer from horrible relationships is because they suck at emotions. Emotions are the root of every relationship. Your emotions are the driving force in your relationships since it is generally what ties two people together. Men especially have a hard time with their emotions and the emotions of others, hence toxic masculinity and how it reflects in their interpersonal relationships. People don't want to feel anything besides joy. It's addictive, I understand, but shunning emotions can cause a huge block in your psyche. This lessens your emotional intellect, and negatively impacts your relationships and how you connect to others. If i block myself from an experience, I'm also blocking myself from a learned lesson.

Emotions can be scary. They are probably one of, if not the scariest, part of life. Emotions shape our reactions and our opinions. They can cause one to be violent, they can cause one to take their own life, or they can free you...if you let them. I tend to sway, due to experience and research, with the idea that your emotions are more affecting than your mind. I say this because we will completely ignore logic due to emotions. We can know something is wrong and still do or allow it because of our feelings.

Humans and the human experience is very complex. We are a conundrum of many sorts, but what sticks out to me is the fact that our brains make us feel the emotion, our emotions make us think, and the cycle continues. Science cannot even explain emotions and where they come from exactly. Since they are so mysterious, it is only right to want to experience your feelings fully to learn how to adapt and control your emotional responses, but when you view emotions as a problem or something you don't want, you cut off your chance at properly navigating through life and your relationships. You will never be able to completely subdue your emotions no matter what you do in life, but you can subdue negative reactions to them.

Once you master how you feel and respond to your emotions, you can master many elements in life. It is a life-going practice - mastering your reactions to your feelings, but once you find the methods that fits you, your life changes drastically. Healthy habits such as therapy, exercise, journaling, meditation, and life coaching.

As your life coach, it will be my job to aid you in mastering your emotional responses and helping to remove those mental blocks. It is my job to align your goals with your values and create the steps and actions to achieve them. Book me below for your first FREE consultation and life assessment.

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