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Q: Is coaching therapy?

A: Though coaching can be therapeutic, it is NOT to be confused with therapy. If problems are too severe, coaches should refer their clients to get psychological or psychiatric assistance. 

Q: What kind of payment options are available?

A: Affirm, major debit or credit cards, and an internal payment plan is available for any program desired. Contact us for more information on pricing and how to pay.

Q: When does the program start?

A: Programs will begin as soon as the required down payment or full payment is made. Documentation, onboarding call and expectations will be discussed. 

Q: Does Lovelii Life School offer 1:1 sessions?

A: Yes! In the How to Think Like a Boss package you get 3 1:1 sessions with coach Jay for up to 1.5 hours. For the Elevated Manifestation Mastery Package, you will get discounted rates for 1:1 meetings. 

Q: Can I book a session without investing into a program?

A: Yes! I offer sessions outside of the programs offered where I give you advice on anything you would like to discuss. Click here to schedule your 1 hour session now. 

Q: Do I need an existing business to start?

A: Absolutely not! All are welcome to receive this service, we just primarily focus on Black Female Entrepreneurs. 

Q: Does it guarantee results?

A: There is a 100% guarantee that IF you fully commit to this program you will become more confident, manifest more quickly, have my inner insight, increase the quality of your life, and experience results as soon as the first session. Some experience this change in the strategy session. 

Q: Is there a cancellation policy?

A: Yes, if you are interested in investing in our services, refer to the cancellation policy here.


Talisa E.

"You have helped me to step outside my comfort zone and celebrate me. It doesn't matter if I am working full time I can side time aside for the life I want. It is okay to ask for help and if you have setback it's okay keep trying until you perfect your craft."

Shatiqua S. 

Speaking with you helped me not only step out of my comfort zone, but become self-aware of what I need to change within myself as well as the necessary steps to ensure those changes happen. I appreciate the motivation, the encouragement, and the information you provide. You really have helped me identify my fears and challenges that were in the way of the goals I want to accomplish.

Shanice H. 

 Shout out to intuitive mindset and business coach, Jay Lovelii! I received the Bronze Membership Group Coaching services from The Livin Lovelii School. Before I was coached by Jay, I was unsure somewhat about how to bring out my best qualities in my personal and professional life. I have gained more confidence and I now know more about how to achieve my goals and maintain the right mindset. I feel more optimistic, and I would highly recommend The Lovelii School. Thanks so much!


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