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How Lovelii Are We

Who We Are

Livin’ Lovelii takes pride in delivering a sense of purpose to our clients. Every service offered will improve the life of our clients by offering friendly, motivating resources to advance areas of livelihood such as professional goals, interpersonal relationships, and intrarpersonal relationships.

In order to properly serve in the life improvement of clients, we place emphasis on discovering and cultivating their core values and studying their past behaviors to stop limiting beliefs impeding on success.

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"I use a focus of internal evaluation methods and cognitive behavioral therapy methods to discover the client's subconscious blockages towards success in career, finances, and personal life." - Jay Lovelii


About Jay Lovelii

Founder of Livin' Lovelii

Livin’ Lovelii LLC. was established in 2020 by the owner, Jay Lovelii, in Atlanta, GA. Jay AKA Jasmine is a motivated educator, trainer, consultant, author and life coach/therapist who takes pride in the servitude of improving the lives of others. She has worked in various marketing firms in Atlanta and graduated with a BS in Marketing, aiding to her experience in business consulting.

Jay completed her life coaching certification (CPD certified)  in early 2020, and she is a certified cognitive behavior therapist.

She also gained extensive experience on training, coaching and motivating others through her career as a teacher and trainer throughout her career. 

 She published her first book, "Self love: A life's journey" in 2018. Available on Amazon.


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